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"Your career is really going to pick up in your thirties..."

I am starting this blog so it is easy to update my website with news about "what Sigrid is currently in/doing." That being said right now I am not in a show, unless it's the show called "I am a starving artist trying to make it big in NYC." It is really easy for me to get down on myself for not going out for certain auditions, not getting callbacks, not feeling inspired. Somehow I always hear what most of my teachers at conservatory would say to me all the time: "Sigrid, your career is really going to pick up in your thirties." Well SHEESH. The only response I could think of when I heard this for the first time was, "What the hello kitty am I supposed to do for the next six years?!" (This comment I politely kept to myself, which was a rare moment of Sigrid Self Control)

Here I am two years out of conservatory and with barely anything to show for it, and I really think to myself, is it true that my career will pick up in my thirties? Or is it because that was said to me by so many people that I am now manifesting it as my own personal truth and destiny? I will stop myself from going down the rabbit hole of what is, was, and could be, and I will cut to the chase.


  1. She is writing this blog.

  2. She is updating her website, headshots, and business cards.

  3. She is designing three separate commission art pieces.

  4. She is shooting with multiple photographers and bulking her modeling portfolio.

  5. She is slowly working up the courage to write her first stand up routine.

  6. She started physical therapy at Harkness to finally fix her bum knee.

  7. She is about to start "The Artist's Way."





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