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Miss Sigrid is proud to present her ZigZags in an anything-goes musical revue.  Weekly shows at Bamboula's Thursdays 1-5pm. Fun! Fantasy! Frivolity!

Meet Miss Sigrid


Miss Sigrid is a Singer and band leader in New Orleans Louisiana. A six foot drink of water hailing from sunny California with swedish roots to boot is elated to be making her debut in the New Orleans Jazz scene. Sigrid has been a singer, performer, and dancer since childhood.  With extensive training in musical theatre and ballet, she has always had an affinity for singing and dancing jazz.  Catch her NOW PERFORMING at Local venues in New Orleans.

Meet the ZigZags


Jeff Kreis

Jeff is the ZigZags incomparable trumpeteer. A master of the craft and dad jokes. 


Todd Yannacone

Todd is known for playing the guitar, piano and singing when the mood is right. 


Roy Brenc

Roy keeps the rhythm steady and slapping for the ZigZags. He has been playing bass for years.

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