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 Sigrid has been a creative soul from the very beginning.

 As a child Sigrid was drawn to all things creative; painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing. She would write plays, direct and star in them with the neighborhood children.  She was infatuated with performing arts, therefore visual arts (her other love) was always put to the back burner.  As she grew her mediums only expanded, venturing into photography, video editing and filmography, choreography, costume design, stage makeup, macrame, murals... you name it.  


After five long years in New York City studying musical theatre and auditioning, frustrated by the image standards of the acting industry Sigrid finally decided to recognize this creative fire that has always been within.. and pursue it.  She began selling her art and taking commissions and has been branching out with her artwork as a career since.  She looks forward to the path ahead as an artist and creative. The possibilities are endless in Sigrid's creative world. She invites in new methods, techniques and knows that this is just the beginning because the sky is the limit.

Caught in action by _gunnertyler_ 🦋🍄🐛


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